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How to Get VOB files to Play in Windows Media Player on Windows 10

Unable to play *.vob files in Windows Media Player? Fortunately, there are possible ways out there that allow you to solve VOB and Windows Media Player incompatible issues! Let’s find them out here.

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Windows Media Player won’t play TiVo recordings? Solved

This article will show you how to convert TiVo files to Windows Media Player supported formats so that you can play TiVo recordings in WMP without any problem.

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Why does Plex can’t recognize MP4 video file?

This tutorial will explain how you can enable Plex read MP4 files, so that you can play MP4 files via Plex without fuss.

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How to Get all Blu-rays into Plex Media Sever for Streaming

Here is a simple guide on how to backup and stream your own Blu-ray collection on Plex Media Server easily by ripping Blu-ray to Plex.

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How to convert VOB files to add videos to iTunes library

iTunes doesn’t support VOB file importing. To do that, you may have to transcode the VOB file into iTunes-friendly formats like MP4, MOV or M4V. Here is the simple how-to.

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How to Rip Blu-rays and Add Them to Your iTunes Library

iTunes cannot rip Blu-ray to iTunes directly. Then you can read this page to get the best tool to help convert and import movies from Blu-ray to iTunes with simple steps. You can certainly watch your Blu-ray discs the usual … Continue reading

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Convert WMV Files to Add Videos into iTunes on Mac/Windows

If you want to add files in WMV to iTunes, you need to convert it to iTunes friendly format like MP4. Then you can take WMV videos with you on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and enjoy it on … Continue reading

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Play MKV files via Plex no sound – Solution

This article focuses on why we play MKV files via Plex with no sound problem and shows you some possible ways to resolve the problem. I installed the Plex Home Theater on my Windows 7 PC. The PC is connected … Continue reading

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Plex DVD Playback – Easily Rip DVD for Playback with Plex Server

This is an instructional article on showing how to stream and play DVD movies with Plex by ripping DVD to a Plex-friendly format. Plex Media Server allows us to store all your movies on a central server and watch them … Continue reading

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How to Play Recorded WTV files via Plex

This tutorial will explain how you can enable Plex read WTV files, so that you can play Windows Media Center recorded WTV videos via Plex without issue. Windows media center might be the most underrated software bundled with windows vista … Continue reading

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