Importing Sony a7II XAVC S to Final Cut Pro 7

This article shows you an easy way to import and edit Sony Alpha a7II XAVC S files in Final Cut Pro 7 smoothly.


Sony has taken their line of full-frame cameras to the next level with the Alpha a7II Mirrorless Digital Camera, which is able to record high-bit-rate XAVC S format with 60p, 30p, and 24p recording options. Well, with every new camera, come many new questions about its workflow. In this page, I will list some tips and tricks for importing XAVC S files from Sony Alpha a7II to Final Cut Pro 7 under Mac OS X (macOS Sierra included).

Will we have to transcode Sony a7II XAVC S into another codec to be able to work in FCP 7? At present XVAC-S, a long GOP inter-frame codec, does not appear to be supported by FCP 7, although I do not know that from personal experience. Apple does not respond on these forums and no one here knows or can say when, if ever, XVAC-S will be natively supported by Final Cut Pro 7. Apple claimed FCP X 10.1 has nailed the ingest of XAVC S codec. However, the complicated codec XAVC S(in an MPEG-4 wrapper) did not work with FCP X 10.0.9 and its older version. Until FCP X 10.1 and Mavericks, Sony’s XAVC S was impossible to deal with FCP on Mac OS X.

Therefore, you can upgrade your Final Cut Pro 7 to FCP X 10.1 or above to solve the problem. If you don’t like this way, there is also another easy way – converting XAVC S to FCP 7 more “edit” friendly codec- Apple ProRes. Along with some help from third-party program like EaseFab Video Converter for Mac, you can effortlessly achieve this goal. With this professional Mac XAVC S converter, you can effortlessly encode/re-encode XAVC-S from Sony A7 II for smoothly importing and editing in various non-linear editing systems (NLE), including Final Cut Pro X, FCP 6/7, iMovie, Final Cut Express, Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, etc. Below is a simple how-to process.

Guide: Converting Sony a7II XAVC S to Final Cut Pro 7

Step 1: Install and launch the XAVC S to FCP Converter on your Mac. Then click “Add Video” button on the top of the main interface to import video to the program. You can also driectly drag and drop your A7S media to the software.


Step 2: Click on the “Editing Software” and you will see options to convert your XAVC S video for certain video editing software. Since you will be importing the video to Final Cut Pro after the conversion, have “Apple ProRes 422” be your selected output format. You can also choose “Apple ProRes 422 HQ” or “Apple ProRes 4444” as the output format.


Tips: Adjust video, audio settings

Click the “Settings” button and customize proper video/audio parameters including Video size, bitrate and fame rate and mroe. Usually 1920*1080 video size and 30fps video frame rate are recommended for FCP 7 editing.

Step 3: After all necessary settings, hit the convert button to start the XAVC S video to ProRes conversion on Mac OS X. Once the conversion process shows in 100%, click Open to get the output videos. Create a project and start editing Sony a7II XAVC S video in Final Cut Pro 7 with light speed.

Open Final Cut Pro. To import your converted video files, head to the menu bar and click on File > Import, then “Files”. A small window will appear and allow you to browse through files in your Mac to locate and import your video. You also have an option to drag-and-drop your file to the left pane of the Final Cut Pro window. Once your video is imported successfully, you can do all you want with Sony a7II media in Final Cut Pro 7.

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