Editing GoPro Hero4 4K footage in Avid Smoothly

Here is a simple tutorial on how to downsacle GoPro Hereo4 4K to 1080p for smoothly editing in Avid

4K cameras are overwhelming these days especially those easy to carry like GoPro Hero4. With a GoPro Hero 4 4K camera, you can record the journey of joyful rides, and extreme activities like sky diving. After shooting, many 4K lovers would prefer to edit GoPro Hero4 4K videos for sharing with friends or uploading to YouTube, or burning into a disc for collection. Will editing programs like Avid Media Composer receive GoPro 4K videos? Although Media Composer has already had 4K support via Avid Media Access (AMA), there’s actually no way to edit a 4K project natively with Avid even the latest Media Composer 8. In most cases, editing 4K in Avid Media Composer is very taxing on your computer. To import GoPro Hero4 4K MP4 into Avid Media Composer flawlessly, an ultimate solution we found would be to transcode/compress 4K to 1080p DNxHD for Avid Media Composer.

To finish the task, download and install EaseFab Video Converter for Mac. With it, you can effortlessly encode/re-encode GoPro 4K footage for smoothly importing and editing in various non-linear editing systems (NLE), including Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie, FCE and more. If you’r using a Windows PC, simply turn to the Windows version here. Below is the detailed guide on transcoding and downsize GoPro 4K files to Avid on Mac.

Efficient Way to Edit GoPro 4K in Avid Media Composer

Step 1. Load the 4K videos to the program

Download and install the 4K Video Converter, and then import the source 4K videos to it. To do so, you can directly drag & drop the files onto the main interface, or you can click the “Add” icon to locate the videos from your local disk.

Step 2. Select output format

2. Select DNxHD as the output format

Click “Profile” box and move mouse cursor to “Editing Software” category, select “DNxHD 1080p” as the output format. The output videos will keep the original quality of MOV files and seamlessly fit Avid Media Composer.

Step 3. Begin to convert GoPro Hero4 4K videos

When you finish the settings, you can press the big “Convert” button to kick off the conversion. By using this professional 4K to Avid Converter, the conversion will be finished with ultrafast speed and the best video quality kept. After the conversion, you can then edit the GoPro Hero4 raw 4K in Avid Media Composer smoothly.

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